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I Love Opinionated Whiners

Posted by bigceebee on September 22, 2011 at 9:25 AM

To start, allow me to confirm that the title of this post is laced with sarcasm. I just want to make sure my readers understand I don't really love opinionated whiners. I'll also mention that I may have cleverly inserted sarcasm here or there in what follows. Moving along...

I'll let you all in on a few little known facts:

  • I'm an author and have written and published six novels to date;
  • I want to sell my novels;
  • I let the two preceding facts be known on Twitter.

I have no doubt these revelations may have both surprised and shocked some of you. Please accept my apologies. Back to the subject at hand.

On occasion, someone sends me a tweet or direct message telling me my promotional tweets annoy them. Some tell me what I should tweet and others comment about some of my tweets having links included in them. When I read these messages, I feel bad knowing I made someone unhappy. I chastise myself for having ruined somebody's otherwise perfect day. Because of me, that person's life isn't as grand as it otherwise would have been.

If I'm watching television and I'm not pleased with the programming being presented, I change the channel or turn off the set. If some commercial is not to my liking, I ignore it. To date, however, I've never called the network to whine because, in the end, they probably wouldn't care either. ;)

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Reply gracey_castro
10:17 AM on September 22, 2011 
Well I for one appreciate all the authors on my list sending out word of their books. If it weren't for that I would not have read 5 of the greatest books thus far, two of which were yours.

Merely reading a tweet, clicking a link without browsing a store.

I think there are just some really sensitive people and there are also some just not getting the social network thing. Talk, promote, communicate, inspire - heck I get it all and if I don't like it I just unfollow.

Great post! You're not the only one with the complaint. Plenty Twitter lists from bloggers add that same complaint about 'opinions'.
Reply M. E. Patterson
11:54 AM on September 22, 2011 
I think there's a secondary problem (as with any social technology) where diff people have diff expectations of how everyone is using the thing. People with a lot of experience in using social media tools, or who just use Twitter/Facebook/etc solely for socializing will assume that EVERYONE uses those tools that way.

And so you send out a promo tweet or an auto- thank you DM (because, Lord, a hundred people or more follow me each day, I can't respond to all of them personally) and that person is like, "OMG! My friends would never send me a promo! This is 'social' networking, not marketing! I hate you, jerk!"

But meanwhile, you've got ~2,000 followers, many of whom interact with you daily, many on the basis of that first auto-DM 'thanks for following' or that first time they RT'ed one of your promos and you thanked them and started chatting with them.

If *all* you do is promo and/or your entire use of Twitter is automated, then sure, I can see people being irritated. You're nothing but a spambot. But using some technology to help you be *more* connected to your followers a bot does not you make.
Reply Faye Stokley
11:29 AM on September 29, 2011 
Just know, this reader appreciate the info!

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