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Who I'm Not and Who I Am

Posted by bigceebee on June 11, 2011 at 7:55 AM

In reference to my large and growing number of followers coupled with my rather active presence on Twitter, I've often been asked, "Who are you?" Since I'm a writer and my name is Claude Bouchard, I've also been asked, "Did you write that Obesity book?". Finally, I've had people ask me, "Are you so and so?", suggesting that I look like one celebrity or another. In order to put an end to this increasing confusion about who I'm not and who I am, I present you with this brief photo expo which will hopefully clarify the situation.

Please note that all look-a-likes below were not of my choosing but rather, suggestions from people on Twitter.

To start, I'm not this guy. His name is Claude Bouchard too and he's the one behind that Obesity book. Dr Bouchard is the Executive Director of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the George A. Bray Chair in Nutrition, so I know he's not me since I never went to medical school.

Here's a photo of Claude Bouchard and he's not me either. I know this with certainty because this guy is a Quebec Junior Major League and Midget AAA hockey coach and I'm not that at all.

Though there may be a slight resemblance with me if you dim the lights and squint, this is not me either. This is actor Bob Hoskins which proves it's not me since my name is Claude Bouchard.

I guess if you removed some hair, made it less grey and added a beard, it could be me but it's really Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame. Since I've never been on Star Trek, I'm sure it's not me.

Someone told me I look like Kenny Rogers... Jesus, no offence, Kenny, but you're an old guy...

Though we may be getting closer, all will agree that there is still an over-abundance of hair sufficient to not confuse me with former snooker pro turned commentator and TV personality, Johnny Virgo.

Take away the glasses and give me billions of dollars and I'll even change my name to Steve Jobs.

He was born the same year as I was and isn't a bad looking chap so, yeah, it could be me but it's really actor Tim Roth.

We're getting closer but, as you all know, this is actor, director and producer Rob Reiner. The fact that he also writes still doesn't make him me.

A comedian and writer, this actually could be me. However, he's also an actor so it's Chris Elliot and not me.

Though I had to go look in the mirror to make sure who I was, I can confirm that this isn't me but rather, Spanish actor, Gonzalo de Castro who plays the role of Doctor Mateo in the television series of the same name.

And, as final confirmation of who I am, this is me.

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