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These are photos of my books sent by some awesome buyers!!



Here, the lovely @la_loquita

demonstrates how Vigilante

looks amazing on a Kindle,

even in Georgia! 






Thanks to @Fundinewithme,

we now know that Duo #1

looks great even in black

and white. Needless to say,

so does she!





Nothing kicks off a New Year

better than a new crime

thriller! If you don't believe

me, just ask @justasked as

he proudly displays his copy

of Vigilante!





Not only was @adeforsan

the first person in France to

purchase Duo # 1 and the

first person to be posted in

this gallery, she now returns

to display "The Homeless

Killer" on her Christmas gift!

Let it be known that "Mind

Games" is in there as well. :)








My friend from Venezuela,

@luisinto, recently

received an iPad for his

birthday and the very first

book he bought to stick in

his bookshelf was Vigilante.

How awesome is that!?






As demonstrated by my dear

friend @NovelHelp, my

books look smashing on an






Even the rough and tough

people from the Lone Star

State are open to a good

crime thriller or two, as

evidenced by

@gardenratlady's copy of

Duo # 1.








@msquick1, a true proponent of "Know

what ya pimp", proudly displays her

newly received copy of Duo (which she's

already been pimping regardless) :)





@richjamesmusic is so

excited about his copy

of Duo that he

clandestinely plotted to

be immortalized on here

on his birthday!









The ever-charming

@curlywagg shows her

appreciation of

Amazon's quick delivery;

or perhaps she's just

happy to have received

a great read!:)



The way @fleury_toews

of Ohio sees it is, why

buy just one novel when

you can buy them all. A

true woman of brilliance!






This is @ShadowsPerson's

Stanza library on her iPhone.

She is the first person who

went ahead and downloaded

ALL four novels from

Smashwords. Did I mention that

she is a marvelous lady? :)







Though I'm not 100% certain, I believe

that @seams16 is holding up the first

copy of Duo # 1 ever purchased, which

makes it almost a collector's item...




@sigdaddy420 of New

Mexico proudly displays his

copy of Duo # 1. He's

smiling, not only because

he's happy about the book

but also because he hasn't

slept since he ordered it and

can finally get some rest.









My Evil Genius friend, @WotV shows

off her birthday gift, Vigilante, on her

birthday gift, a Kindle. Though not

visible in this photo, @WotV has

cleverly inserted The Consultant, Mind

Games & The Homeless Killer in her Kindle as well. 


I would have never thought

that someone in The

Netherlands would own one

of my books. @Feetje05

proved me wrong. 






Demonstrating Buckeye pride,

the charming @decibelfan

shows off her copy of Duo

along with her lovely smile. 










@SharronLJ's copy of Duo #

1 from is further

proof of the ever widening

global distribution of my novels!










Here is what a copy of Duo

looks like immediately after it

has been received by the

wonderful @5f5i of Norway. As

an extra bonus, now she gets to

read it! 







Here's @salamicat's

downloaded version of

Vigilante, proof that the

mobi version form

Smashwords looks great

on a Kindle!




 @Dee_Marie_SOA's 3 B’s for a good night’s

slumber: a cute Blonde, a good Book, and a

cuddly Bear!




The lovely

@tinatspoon1's copy of

Duo, delivered to her on

September 23, 2010 in

Dunfermline, is so fresh

that it was unread at the

time of this photo.



This is @HarbourCreek's

copy of Duo which

demonstrates that

people from the Isle of

Man read sideways for

some reason. 




My buddy, @mikebeak,

(who's a draftsman, by

the way), bought

Duo several months ago

and gave me the best

review possible: He

bought the next book in

the series. 


This copy of Duo was

purchased by

@MLGoodell of Detroit

who warned me that it

better be good. He

recently informed me

that he'd be buying Mind

Games. :)


 The charming

@BabyBenu purchased

this copy of Duo,

possibly the only copy in

existence in Ireland at

the present time. Love

the added touch of the

spooky knife!



Not only did Florida's

@VariantVal buys my

books, originally

unbeknowst to me, she

became one of three of

my daughters on

Twitter. :)






The only thing nicer

about New York's

@akramer41 having

bought my books is

her incredible smile!





These were

purchased by


Hawaii's all time

surfing champion

and my biggest fan

in that lovely State!






The truly sweet

@katiesheadesign bought this

copy of Duo # 1 and never

asked me to sign it when we

met in NYC!








 From my dear Canadian friend, @jsubject,

displayed on her new Kobo E-Reader!









My first sale in France to the

lovely @adeforsan!!