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Posted by bigceebee on August 8, 2011 at 8:10 AM

It's time for another round of inductions into The CeeBee Crew! I'm pleased to welcome the following awesome people who've demonstrated support for my novels well beyond the call of duty.

@msquick1 aka Ba Be aka BAB: Since I've known BAB, she's bought my books, recommended them to family and friends, posted on twitter and Facebook about them, retweeted my stuff and just downright supported me. She's enquired which sales channel was the most beneficial to me and made her purchases accordingly. BAB is the proud owner of an autographed copy of 6 Hours 42 Minutes which she won in a contest I ran last March. Her real full name was also used for one of my characters in my latest release, ASYLUM. If I had a hundred fans like BAB to back me up, I'd be sitting pretty.

@mikebeak aka Mike Cole: One of the most impressive things about Mike is that, although he's a penguin, he doesn't let that get in the way of living and interacting with humans everywhere. As a penguin, Mike had difficulty posting reviews of my books so what he did instead was buy more of them to show his appreciation. He's shown continuous loyal support, possibly because he wants the corner office I promised him, but has shown support nonetheless. Mike was also featured as a character in ASYLUM and I must say he played his role to perfection, even if it was completely my creation. :)

@meri624296 aka Meri Blankenship: A buyer and reader of my novels, Meri has the uncanny ability to retweet my book promos, often before I've even tweeted them. The dazzling speed with which she faithfully performs this self-imposed task has earned her the nickname Lady Lightnin'. Any writer would be privileged to have Meri as a supporter, particularly if one likes lovely, intelligent and witty fans.

@Robin_Kemp aka Robin Kemp: When Robin isn't chasing a storm or taking photos, he's secretly downloading my books from Apple to enjoy on his iPad. Robin's been known to retweet my shameless promotions, often subtly diguising them with a clever comment so they don't appear to be RTs per se. His brilliant use of avatar changes on Twitter at times has unofficially earned him the alias Chameleon. I invite you to take in a sample of Robin's photos right here:

@AmberNorrgard aka Amber Norrgard: I came to know Amber after she posted reviews for a couple of my books on Amazon. Since these reviews were Five-Star, it was obvious Amber was quite the intelligent woman. A self-proclaimed book junkie, Amber does have one gripe with me, that being the lack of other of my books to purchase since she has all six. I'm hoping Amber can find activities to pass the time, like reviewing the rest of my books, until I complete my seventh novel. You can learn more about this charming damsel by visiting her facebook page:

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