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How Low Can You Go?

Posted by bigceebee on July 19, 2011 at 6:17 AM

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of John Locke by now. John is the author of the highly successful Donovan Creed series and Emmett Love western novels as well as his recent How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!  I met John on Twitter over a year ago and we got to chatting more, ironically, after he had read my first novel, Vigilante. Since, he has proven to be a fair, kind and generous man and I’d defy anyone who knows him to disagree with me. In fact, he even shared his how to strategy for successful booksales!


That said, I was disgusted yesterday morning when I received a tweet from someone totally unrelated to the real John Locke aka @DonovanCreed, pimping his/her book under the pen name John Locke which even contains the word Creed in the title. I won’t mention the Twitter handle or the title of this other novel as I don’t wish to give an impostor any publicity. I just find it quite sad that someone could stoop so low as to try and ride another’s coattails to success by attempting to impersonate that person.


No worries, John. Us OOUs know who the hell the real John Locke is!

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Reply Lynn Rush
9:38 AM on July 19, 2011 
Wow. That is pretty low. It's amazing what people will do to get their name out there. Or their books. Or whatever they are working on.
Reply Lin Treadgold
9:58 AM on July 19, 2011 
Disgraceful. Unfortunately imposters get away with these things.
Reply Jessica Subject
2:24 PM on July 19, 2011 
I believe I saw the same tweet. It's sad is what it is.
Reply Author's Art
6:23 PM on July 19, 2011 
Success breeds emulation, but it should be like THAT! Still, the real John Locke still has a million plus books sold on Kindle. He's my hero! And yes, I bought his book! Nice blog you have here! Thanks for sending me the link on Twitter.
Reply Author's Art
6:25 PM on July 19, 2011 
I meant to type shouldn't be like that instead of should be like that. Sorry. My mistake!
Reply Melanie Hetfield
6:40 PM on July 19, 2011 
Yes people can be that low. I have a client that is doing very well on Twitter so they created a duplicate account minus 1 digit, the bio exactly the same as my clients except the link, which was very close too! You clicked the link and you found a duplicate page of my clients. When you looked through the pages however it was then linked to 3 different sites selling the same product as my client.
Twitter dealt with it quickly and the impostors account was suspended within 24 hours.
Some low low people out there!