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The Times, They are a-Changin', with Social Media

Posted by bigceebee on July 5, 2011 at 6:11 AM

It used to be that celebrities were film or television stars, radio personalities, professional athletes and (well-known) authors. Throw in government heads, royalty and the insanely rich and you pretty much completed the list. These were the people in the limelight who frequently appeared on TV, in the papers and magazines


Then cometh the internet followed by one of its components, a little thing called social media, a tool so powerful and far-reaching that even traditional broadcasting and media have jumped on the band-wagon. CNN, BBC, FOX, even the New York Times all have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, having recognized the high value of social media.


But who am I to discuss this subject? Am I a social media expert, to any extent? I don’t think so, in my humble opinion. What I am is a self-published author of five crime-thrillers with a sixth novel to be released in a few weeks and a seventh well in the works. So, what allows me to blab about social media as if I was a wizard on the subject? Though I don’t consider myself a SM sage, I have managed to grow my Twitter following to 176K+, have held the #1 spot in Canada for almost a year as per Tweet.Grader and have hit the top spot world-wide half a dozen times since May, all of which has helped me get noticed and sell a few books.


I was therefore pleased to see a press release (link below) this morning regarding friend and fellow Twitter maven, Jessica Northey aka @JessicaNorthey, announcing her partnering with the nationally syndicated “Tony and Kris” Morning Radio Show, where Jessica will act as an Online Correspondent and create a Digital Daypart for the popular show.


Jessica has insight and experience in the industry and vast expertise and success in Social Media strategy; teaming with her will bring us closer to our audience,” TONY & KRIS said. “We want to stay connected to our listeners all day long, and Jessica Northey can help us do just that.”


As one who has used Twitter almost exclusively in my quest for success, I’m excited to see what another social media focused person such as Jessica can provide to the world of traditional broadcasting. Go get em, Jess!

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1 Comment

Reply Jessica Northey
07:33 AM on July 05, 2011 
You are Mr Smarty-pants and I am such a big fan of yours!

How did I get so lucky to meet you on Twitter? Thank you for being a GREAT friend and someone I look forward to seeing everyday online!!!

XO jNo