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Posted by bigceebee on May 25, 2011 at 12:10 AM

A Short Story of "Double-entendre"

The back door to farmhouse opened and Albert, Emily’s brother, penetrated.

“Hi, Sis!” he ejaculated from across the kitchen.

“Oh my God, Albert,” exclaimed a startled Emily. “You know I don’t like it when you enter from behind.”

“Sorry about that,” Albert apologized. “I went out back to check out your ass. Very nice.”

“Thanks, bro,” Emily replied. “I’m proud of my ass.”

“As you should be,” said Albert. “I could use a fine ass like that on my farm.”

“Speaking of your farm, how’s your cock doing?” Emily enquired.

“Better, thanks for asking,” Albert answered with a grin. “I’m sure he’ll think twice before messing with that pussy again.”

“I’m sure he will,” Emily laughed. “Did you see Grandma while you were out back?”

“Yep,” Albert nodded. “She was out by the barn playing with her hooters.”

“She just loves those owls,” said Emily. “Best gift Grandpa ever gave her, nothing makes her happier.”

“She certainly looks gay,” Albert agreed.

“By the way, wasn’t your date with Katie last night?” Emily asked with a wink. “How did you make out?”

“Well, she blew me off,” Albert admitted, “But I’d rather not talk about it.”

“I understand,” Emily replied as she pulled a baking sheet from the oven. “What do you think of my buns?”

“Wow,” exclaimed Albert. “Those are nice buns. They look hot.”

“Of course they are, silly,” Emily laughed. “Can you get me that casserole dish?”

“No problem,” Albert replied, peering at the dish’s contents. “Those are wonderful breasts.They’re huge. And those thighs are magnificent.”

“I can only thank Farmer Jones for that,” Emily admitted. “That man has his way with the chicks.”

“Oh, I almost forgot,” said Albert pulling out a paper bag from his packsack and handing it to her.

“Thank you, Albert,” Emily gushed as she peeked inside the bag. “You know how much I love your nuts. They’re still warm.”

“It’s my pleasure, sis,” replied Albert. “I know you love eating my nuts. By the way, when I drove up, I saw your husband having intercourse with some tall guy out front. Who is that?”

“He’s Master Bating,” Emily explained, “The new head of the school. Word is he’s very good.”

“Nothing wrong with a good head,” said Albert. “Do you need any help here? Otherwise, I’ll go track down that boy of yours.”

“Go right ahead,” Emily replied. “He’s around somewhere playing with his balls like usual.”

“Boys with their toys, sis,” Albert laughed as he left the kitchen.

If you liked my short story, you'd love my thrillers.

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Reply Luke Romyn
12:36 PM on May 24, 2011 
Great work, Claude. Twisted and talented turnings of terms.
Reply Joanne
1:05 PM on May 24, 2011 
As funny as ever! Thanks for the story!
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