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The WLC December Mystery Launch

Posted by bigceebee on November 14, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Late last week, Twitter friend Andy Holloman (@AndyHoloman) sent me an email asking if I’d be keen in participating in a group promo effort orchestrated by the WoMen’s Literary Café (@WoMensLitCafe) scheduled for December 13-15th. Always seeking new ways to promote my thrillers, I requested additional information, Andy put me in touch with the WLC’s founder, best-selling author, Melissa Foster (@Melissa_Foster) and I soon agreed to join in the effort. That was three days ago and I’m already floored (very positively) by the whirlwind of activity which has taken place to date.


Assisted by authors Stacy S. Eaton (@StacySEaton) and Elizabeth Ann Wells (@EAWwrites), Melissa has already cranked the prep machine into high gear for this event which is yet a month away. Interviews are already scheduled and some even distributed to the nine participating writers. Links, buttons and banners are up and running, cross promotion and event marketing has already begun and video-conferencing sessions for the participants are taking place this week.


A first such event to launch Foster’s Come Back To Me took place from November 1-3rd, attracted some 200,000 visitors and sent the book to the Top 20 Paid Kindle ranking. Another five authors among those participating in the event saw their titles shoot up to the best-seller ranks as well. This said, I have little doubt that the other authors involved in the December promo showcasing Andy Holloman’s debut novel, Shades of Gray, are just as excited as I am. These authors are:


Andy Holloman (@AndyHolloman) - Shades of Gray -

Helen Hanson (@HelenHanson) - 3 Lies -

Douglas Dorow (@DougDorow) - The Ninth District -

Russell Blake (@BlakeBooks) - The Geronimo Breach -

Carolyn Arnold (@Carolyn_Arnold) - Ties that Bind -

Lisa M. Lilly (@lisamlilly) - The Awakening -

John W. Mefford (@jwmefford) - Committed -

S.L. Pierce (@piercebooks) - The Devil’s Game -


And, last but not least,


Me, Claude Bouchard (@ceebee308) - Vigilante


So, mark your calendars, folks, and join me and my eight author friends at the WoMen's Literary Cafe's Mystery Book Launch, December 13-15th. Nine authors will discount their ebooks to just 99 cents. Buy 3, get 1 FREE!


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