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Top 10 Disadvantages if We Were All Named Raphael

Posted by bigceebee on June 12, 2011 at 8:31 AM

The subject of my blog post on Friday was the Top 10 Benefits if We Were All Named Raphael and, as I demonstrated, there would be some clear advantages if we all sported the same name. However, as I mentioned, there could also be some disadvantages as well and only fools would refuse to consider what these might be. In an effort to avoid my readers from having to invest precious time and energy in the undertaking of such a copious analysis, I went ahead and did it myself and now present the

Top 10 Disadvantages if We Were All Named Raphael

# 10 - The expression, "Any Tom, Dick and Harry" would be, "Any Raphael, Raphael and Raphael."

# 9 - Any Raphael, Raphael and Raphael could cash your paycheque.

# 8 - If you went on a blind date, chances are you would end up with Raphael.

# 7 - The unsavory Raphaels would give the good Raphaels a bad name.

# 6 - Expectant parents would never have the thrill of deciding baby names.

# 5 - If someone said, "That Raphael is a bastard," they might be talking about you.

# 4 - Deciding who to vote for with be an arduous task.

# 3 - When you'd call out, "Raphael, dinner's ready," you'd never know who might show up.

# 2 - Instead of keeping up with the Joneses, you'd have to keep up with the Raphaels.

And, the Number ONE Disadvantage if We Were All Named Raphael...

# 1 - What the hell would we do with all those other names?!

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