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Spell Cheque

Posted by bigceebee on July 26, 2012 at 4:05 PM

I had posted this under my "Shorts" tab a while ago but someone mentioned it to me this afternoon and I felt urged to bring it back into the foreground for your reading pleasure. Therefore, without further delay, please enjoy:

Spell Cheque

A short storey about homonyms

Bye Claude Bouchard

Copyright © 2010 by Claude Bouchard

     “Your knot using the write words, Adam,” scolded the teacher. “Ewe wood sea that if ewe paid moor attention when ewe red them.”

     “Eye will right my storey again,” a determined Adam replied. “Jest weight and ewe will sea that I can dew it.”

     Once school was dun four the day, Adam went two the park too play bawl with sum friends butt only fore a short wile since he wonted two re-right his storey two have it ready buy the mourning.

     “Your hear early,” his mother said inn surprise when he arrived. “Eye thought ewe wood bee playing bawl with you’re friends.”

     “Eye was butt eye have two right my storey over,” Adam ex-planed. “My teacher says eye have two many mistakes.”

     “Eye cents that you’re teacher may knot like ewe,” said his mother. “You’re storey seamed fine two me when eye red it. It was a grate little tail.”

     “May bee my teacher is knot seine,” joked Adam, “Butt eye will show her. Eye will even ad sum knew stuff inn my storey.”

     “Good four ewe,” his mother replied, “Butt, weight. Bee for ewe start, can ewe wok over too Jim’s. He has sum would that your father kneads this weak end two re-pare the fence.”

     “Oh quay,” Adam agreed. “Butt eye dew knot have any time two waist. After eye am dun with my storey, eye am going too meat Bobby.”

     “Wear are ewe going with Bobby?” his mother asked with concern. “Eye due knot like the weigh he axe sum times.”

     “Dew knot worry sew much, mother,” Adam said. “Wee will bee at his house. He kneads help to titan the weals on his bike. That’s awl.”

     Adam went two get the would at Jim’s and put it a weigh inn the garage sew it wood knot get whet if it rained bee four the weak end.

     “Thank ewe four getting the would. Your suite,” his mother said when he came back inn.

     “Know problem, mom,” Adam replied. “Now, eye will go re-right my storey.”

     As he headed four the den ware they kept the computer, he herd his mother caul him back.

     “Just a peace of advice,” said his mother with a grin. “When your dun with you’re storey, ewe mite want two ewes the spell cheque on the computer two make sure ewe have know miss steaks.”

     “Mother,” Adam grinned back. “Eye awl weighs due!”


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