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Would you like YOUR name in a novel?

Posted by bigceebee on March 7, 2012 at 12:15 AM

Finding realistic character names when writing a novel is not as easy as one would think. It's not too bad when I'm working on something which is part of my Barry/McCall series as a number of characters are recurrent. However, when working on something new, as is the case with my current project, The Last Party, the task of finding names which are original and distinctive becomes a bit more arduous.

When I wrote my last stand-alone, ASYLUM, I solved the problem by giving all my fictitious characters the names of real people I'd met on Twitter. Out of respect, I asked each if they had any objection and then acknowledged them in the book when it was released.

That said, anyone who would like their name in The Last Party is invited to simply leave their first and last name PLUS their Twitter handle, either in a comment below or via my Contact Me page above. As I proceed with the weaving of my tale, I'll select names from the list as required. Characters will not be depictions of any of you but rather creations of my own. Also, I can't guarantee that everyone's name will be included as I will use only as many names as needed for the number of characters developed.

So, the ball is now in your court. Would you like YOUR name in a novel? You know what to do. :)

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Reply BetteRose Ryan
01:12 PM on March 06, 2012 
Twitter at SundaysBlog. Blog handle is Sunday Sterling Smith:
Born Bette Rose Jeffryes BUT grew tired of having to spell both my first and last name so kept the name Smith after a divorce; but remarried and Ryan is just as easy for people to spell.

I like the name BetteRose and use it as one first name.
Reply Chante Moore
01:12 PM on March 06, 2012 
@_IAmCleopatra - Chante Danielle Moore
Reply Andy
01:15 PM on March 06, 2012 
Andrew Merz (@andymerz on Twitter)
Reply Melanie
01:25 PM on March 06, 2012 
Love what you did in Asylum with the names of the characters. I knew most of them from Twitter and it was fun seeing their name in a book.

Feel free to use mine!

Reply Sir Samuel Zeus Clemons
09:58 AM on March 07, 2012 
I wrote a book twenty years ago, and used all real names. freaked out the people so bad, they didn't know what to make of it!! i made them heros, and planet traveling wanderer - explorers with implanted chips where they surfed the Internet by thinking.... rather prescient in hindsight. anyway, they all asked me to take their names out of it at first... but as they got into the reading, they decided they liked being world discoverers, and foe beaters.

takes some getting used to, i guess.

i don't recall you putting me in those novels, Claude!!! everybody likes a swashbuckling pirate wizard don't they?

I'll retweet this link, but my social oomph won't let me put the @ sign in front of your handle, so you'll see the link about 6pm tonight.

have a great day.

I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons
Reply Lyndi
11:30 AM on March 07, 2012 
Lyndi Reichenbach. Not of Reichenbach falls affiliation!
Reply Luwana Lanier Milner
11:35 AM on March 07, 2012 
Thanks for bouncing the ball my way...let's go for it. ~Luwana Lanier Milner aka NATIVEg8r
Reply Jodi Jeannine
11:38 AM on March 07, 2012 
It would be SUPER F u N to be the name of a character and included in your book, if you choose! Great idea! Thank you! JJ
Reply Jessica Cecena
11:42 AM on March 07, 2012 
Hi Claude, you know me as @Earth4Us on Twitter. It would be fun to see my name in your book if it fits a character you are writing about. I very much enjoy your book reviews but have yet to read a book you've written (will get around to it soon)) and I am a book nerd. Nothing special about my name, I was born as Maria Jessica but dropped Maria. My nickname is Gigi. Cheers!
Reply Lance
05:57 PM on March 07, 2012 
There aren't enouh Lances in books. so.....Lance Burson aka @TLanceB on the twitter
Reply Michele Shaw
06:19 PM on March 07, 2012 
Why not? I have a hard time naming characters too. Michele Shaw @veertothewrite

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