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Analysing an Angry Moron

Posted by bigceebee on June 25, 2011 at 8:19 AM

On May 2, 2011, I had posted "Like Society, Twitter has Idiots" on here, the subject being a nasty little worm who I'd had the displeasure to meet on Twitter. For those who never read the post, here's the link:

Anyhow, yesterday, just before logging off for the evening, I met another such specimen of sub-human matter whom I felt deserved special mention. Let's start with an introduction so we all know who I'm talking about, the data having been copied/pasted from his Twitter page.

Here's what the slug looks like. I know, you're already impressed.

Twitter handle: @gingerjesus666

Name: john mulraine - Apparently, John missed the class when the use of upper-case for proper names was explained. Then again, he may simply not be bright enough to assimilate such complex concepts or believes he's not worthy of being considered anything near proper.

Location: Gates of hell - Though some people might think that such a location was indicated in an attempt to be cool or funny, insects like john generally are spineless cowards and therefore prefer to not state their true location, thus reducing the number of times they crap in their pants.

Bio: Old macdonald had a farm ee iiieee iii o. Shit wait I'm not 5 I'm 25 my bad - Well, I guess I can't knock john's obvious brilliance and intellect, can I? (Rhetorical question, no replies are required.)

Following: 461

Followers: 229

Okay, now that we know who the gentleman is, what follows is the tweet which he sent me out of the blue and my response:

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 ur a wanker

ceebee308 Claude Bouchard

@gingerjesus666 You're entitled to your opinion, asshole. :)

Now, this morning, I log onto Twitter and find the following tweets which this sociable fellow had sent me afterwards:

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 I know I am. Fuck u take things personally

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 u really r a shithead

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 complete scum

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 ur mother should have aborted u

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 maybe she just droped u at the doors

gingerjesus666 john mulraine

@ceebee308 hurry up and die or at least die ur so called hair. Fuck I don't want to give u a stroke!!!

Having read these, I wondered what might make such a fine, young man be so angry, frustrated and insulting for absolutely no reason. Perhaps...

  • He was not gifted with genitalia;
  • His parents dropped him on his head a lot as a child, just for fun;
  • He never had sex, even with himself, which is understandable due to the lacking genitalia;
  • In a past life, he was a slug and the reincarnation process screwed up;

Or maybe, he's just a moron...

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1 Comment

Reply Thelonius Bostik
02:47 PM on June 25, 2011 
i watched this "exchange" unfold on Twitter - for what it's worth. Good job he was only a random moron and not a flagrant exhibitionist (eager for you to compliment his existence with a blog entry)....

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