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Stuff from my novels... Now on: Excerpt from "Nasty in Nice", part of the JET Kindle World released July 28, 2015.

Maya had been on her return trip to the apartment, grocery bag in hand, when she had seen two young men shove two women into an alley a hundred feet ahead of her. Accelerating her pace to a run, she’d reached the alley in seconds, setting her bag down and peering around the corner just in time to see one man flying over the tall redhead’s back and knocking over one of his accomplices.

When he returned to his feet and pulled out a gun, Maya knew it was time to get involved. Taking two steps back, she then sprinted into the alley, heading directly for the wall of the far building. Her momentum carrying her, she ran a couple of steps up the wall and pushed off, flipping over the rear thug and the two women to land with both feet into the leader’s chest. As he went down, his pistol clattering down the alley and his head smashing against the cobblestones with a sickening thud, she rolled and was up on her feet facing his closest accomplice.

“Give it your best shot,” she challenged him, akin to a wild feline, ready to pounce.

“This evens things up now, doesn’t it?” said Leslie, turning to the remaining man behind her as Dominique moved out of the way, pressing herself against the wall.

“I’ll use this if I have to,” the punk threatened, the tremor in his voice belying his words.

Leslie smiled as she moved in on him and said, “You’d better not miss because once I get that knife from you, I’m going to cut your balls off and shove them down your throat.”

Weaponless, she suddenly lunged at him and he screamed in fear, dropping his switchblade as he turned and bolted out of the alley.

Leslie rushed forward to make sure he was gone then scooped up the blade and turned back to where the woman was still facing off with the remaining hood, his back conveniently to her. Without hesitation, she ran forward and leapt into the air, executing a spinning wheel kick, knocking the man sideways into the wall headfirst before he crumpled to the ground.

“Assholes,” the woman muttered as she relaxed her stance and smiled at Leslie. “Thanks for that.”

“Thank you for your help,” Leslie replied as they stepped away from the three thugs, two out cold and the other now propped up on one elbow, looking dazed. “That was quite an entrance you made.”

“It was amazing,” Dominique agreed as they backed out of the alley.

“Years of practice,” said the woman, picking up her bag before looking at Leslie. “You obviously can hold your own too.”

“Years of practice,” Leslie replied as they moved away from the alley.

“Would you really have cut that guy’s balls off?” the woman asked with a grin.

“Damned straight,” Leslie confirmed, “Though it turns out the little puke didn’t have any.”

The woman laughed and stopped as they reached a cross street with heavier foot traffic. “I’m up here so I’ll wish you ladies a safe and pleasant evening.”

“You too, and thanks again,” said Leslie, extending her hand. “I’m Leslie, by the way, and this is Dominique.”

The woman looked Leslie in the eye as she took her hand then replied, “I’m Maya. A pleasure to meet you.”

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